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I work from a dedicated counselling room in my home which is private and comfortable.


It is located a 10 minute walk from Hinchley Wood train station or a 3 min walk from the K3 bus stop.


There is free parking available if driving.


Online Therapy

I offer Counselling/Therapy sessions via Zoom, this is an easy to use video conferencing software (like Skype). 


Benefits can be;

  • It is more convenient and flexible.  It can sometimes be difficult to get to a therapist or you may have time constraints, with on-line therapy you can have therapy in your own home.

  • You can feel able to open up more in the comfort of their own home which can help in the process. 

  • The technology is generally easy to use.



  • You may prefer to be present in the same room as your therapist.

  • You may not have access to a private place in your home where you will not be disturbed.

  • You may not have a good enough wifi signal.


It is an individual preference, please contact me if you have any questions about working online or would like to try it out.


First session = £35  

Subsequent sessions = £50

I offer some low fee day time appointments for students and based on individual circumstances (please ask)


First session = £45

Subsequent sessions = £60