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How Therapy Helps

Seeking change is the first step.

Seeking help is the second; problems often accompany feeling isolated or lonely. 


Therapy can help with change by;

  • Having a new relational experience; we are in this together.

  • Feeling safe to open up parts that have felt unsafe to share before.

  • Gaining insight and awareness, we all have blind spots.

  • Noticing, experiencing and being present with your emotions; creating a natural flow again.

  • Reconnecting the mind and the body.

  • Acknowledging and validating the glimmers of transformation; this is key to growth.

  • Simply allowing yourself to slow down and be really heard.

Neural pathways are created in the brain from early relational emotional experience.   If maintained these emotional experiences become well-trodden pathways over time and can significantly impact on how we experience

The brain has a tendency towards negative bias.  This is a result of our ancestors many, many years ago needing to be ultra-alert to danger in order to survive. 

The good news is because of the brain’s neuroplasticity (ability to re-wire itself) Therapy can help.

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