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Jane Sharpe

BSc (Hons), Fdsc, Reg. MBACP (Accred)

Counselling & Psychotherapy

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There are many reasons why we seek Counselling/Therapy, everyone is different. However, there is one common factor and that is the desire to change something in our lives.

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We are all wired towards growth, learning and healing but sometimes life events, challenges, the past or something unknown can stop this natural process.

This can have a big impact on how we live; leaving us possibly feeling Stuck, Helpless, Depressed or Anxious, or having Relationship Problems, Low Self-Esteem, Negative Thoughts, Feeling Overwhelmed or Physical Symptoms.

As a qualified and experienced Counsellor/ Therapist I work with individual adults (18+) to explore and make sense of their struggles.

My approach is warm, sensitive and unconditionally accepting and I recognise the importance of providing a safe, calm and confidential environment.  

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Seeking change is the first step.

Seeking help is the second; problems often accompany feeling isolated or lonely. 

  • Having a new relational experience; we are in this together.
  • Feeling safe to open up parts that have felt unsafe to share before.

  • Gaining insight and awareness, we all have blind spots.

  • Noticing, experiencing and being present with your emotions; creating a natural flow again.

  • Acknowledging and validating the glimmers of transformation; this is key to growth.

  • Simply allowing yourself to slow down and be really heard.


               Give yourself a moment: 16: Moments - YouTube



First session = £45

Subsequent sessions = £60

I offer some low fee daytime appointments based on individual circumstances - please ask